I am a new Dominatrix with many years experience. I especially enjoy toying with people´s minds: find their deepest fear and their darkest desires and use it against them.


I want to push you to your limits and beyond. Not only because I enjoy it, but also for YOU to develop and change. I am caring and loving, sometimes even childish in my pursuit for fun, but dont mistake that for weakness – if you do, you will soon find out just how cruel, ruthless and sadistic I can be! Try your best to please me, and I am by nature sweet and playful.


Dominance and submission is a matter of trust, giving yourself over completely into another person´s care. Wether as my slave or my pet you are precious to me, and I need you to trust me with all your being if we are to have a meaningful relationship. Only then can I start to mold you into the shape I want.


I love beauty in all forms, wether it be beautiful clothes, beautiful bodies or beatiful scenery. My goal is to equip my slaves in as beautiful attire as possible, so I can enjoy the sight of them all the better – be it in chains, leather cuffs or ropes. I do, of course, love to dress up beautifully as well during my sessions – sexy, pretty or serene – so dont be surprised if I show up as a sadistic geisha, a seductive but cruel bellydancer or a stern russian officer! If you happen to have a fantasy or dream that includes certain types of clothing, do let me know. Chances are I have it in my wardrobe and care to show it off to you. ~_^

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