I am a Dominatrix with many years experience. I especially enjoy toying with people's minds: find their deepest fear and their darkest desires and use it against them.

I want to push you to your limits and beyond. Not only because I enjoy it, but also for YOU to develop and change. I am caring and loving, sometimes even childish in my pursuit for fun, but don't mistake that for weakness – if you do, you will soon find out just how cruel, ruthless and sadistic I can be! Try your best to please me, and you might find it very rewarding....

Dominance and submission is a matter of trust and giving yourself over completely into another person's care. Wether as my slave or my pet  you are precious to me, and I will make you trust me - even while you are begging me to stop tormenting you, begging me to continue humiliating you, hurting you and teasing you... until you are sweaty and exhausted and the only thing in your mind is me, your Mistress.

Only then will I start molding you into the shape I want.

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